Central Tablelands Water - Public Forum

In accordance with Council policy an open forum will be held immediately prior to its next Council meeting in Canowindra. The forum will operate between 10.30am and 11.00am on Wednesday 13 December 2017 at the Old Vic Inn, Canowindra. The forum is intended to be a genuine opportunity for consumers to address Council and bring any issues of concern to Council for consideration. Intending public forum participants are requested to apply in writing to the General Manager by 4.30pm on the day prior to the meeting.  For further details please contact Council at water@ctw.nsw.gov.au or call on (02) 6391 7200. An approved public forum participant can speak for a maximum period of five (5) minutes on a topic where there is a direct link between the applicant and the substance of the agenda item.  More time may be provided to a speaker at the discretion of the chair. Public Access cannot be used to request reports from the Chairperson, Councillors or staff, nor be used to address matters in the Minutes of an earlier meeting or matters already dealt with at the meeting.  Persons speaking may use appropriate materials or documents to support their position, but may not table documents to be actioned.

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