Fact Sheets

How to Read your water meter

Regularly recording your water meter reading is a great way to monitor your water consumption and can help you to discover leaks.

How to read your water meter (PDF) 325kb

Pools & Spas in NSW

Provides some tips & ideas for how you can actively conserve water while still enjoying your swimming pool or spa.

Information on Pools and Spas in NSW (PDF) 604kb

How to save 50 litres per day

Easy steps to save up to 50 litres of water per day in your household

How to save 50 litres per day (PDF) 406kb

Selecting a rainwater tank

Information sheet on selecting a rainwater tank for household use.

Selecting a rainwater tank (PDF) 709kb

Installing a Rainwater tank

Information on installing a rainwater tank, and available rebates.

Installing a rainwater tank (PDF) 518kb


A water efficient showerhead can save more than just water – it can also save you money on bills, reduce your energy consumption and resulting greenhouse gas emissions.

Water efficient showerheads (PDF) 326kb

Washing Machines

A few tips to help you choose a washing machine that suits your budget, saves water and is kind to the environment.

Choosing a washing machine (PDF) 450kb

Sustaining Gardens in dry times

Some practical ideas on how to sustain your garden through periods of drought.

Sustaining your garden in dry times (PDF) 3,598kb