Strategic Business Plan

The Strategic Business Plan covers the development and operation of Central Tablelands Water's Water Supply Schemes.  It provides supporting information for Council's Management Plan.

Why This Plan Has Been Developed

The Local Government Act 1993 requires Local Water Utilities and Water Supply Authorities to prepare Management Plans and Annual Reports. The Management Plan must cover the Utility’s business activities and must include items such as:

      • Proposed objectives and performance targets;

      • Strategies for their achievement;

      • Proposed capital works program;

      • Financial information;

      • Revenue policy;

      • Human resource activities;

      • Environment protection plan;

      • Asset replacement programs;

      • Other specific planning information considered relevant.

Strategic Business Plans address single business activities, in this case the water supply services.  The difference between the plans is that the Strategic Business Plan has a long-term strategic approach focusing on a review of the whole of the operating environment for that particular service.

Typically the Strategic Business Plan looks at a minimum of twenty years ahead while the Management Plan focuses on 3 to 5 years.  Strategic Business Plans are considered desirable for all councils but specifically the NSW Office of Water (NOW) has now made them a prerequisite for the provision of financial assistance.


Strategic Business Plan 2015 (PDF) 7,906kb