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Saving Water

Saving water is easy! Changing the way you use water inside your home can make a big difference to our water saving efforts.

There are many simple ways to save water every day:

  • turn the tap off while brushing your teeth or shaving

  • keep bathwater to a minimum and divert to the garden if possible

  • don’t wash your dishes under running water

  • only wash with a full load of clothes

  • make sure the dishwasher is full before turning it on

  • divert your washing machine water to your garden

  • repair leaking taps immediately

 savewater! Alliance website


Central Tablelands Water is a proud member & supporter of the savewater! Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation designed to help you save water and contribute to a sustainable future.  Visit the website for a wealth of information on water conservation for around the home, business, farm or school.

Council Profile

Central Tablelands County Council is a constituency of three local government areas, namely Blayney Shire, Cabonne Shire and Weddin Shire. 

The Council comprises two delegates each elected by their constituent council for a four-year term.

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