I don't think I have used as much water as my bill states. What can I do?

If you have just received your water account and feel the water usage charge is too high, there are a few things that you can check.

Ensure that we have read your meter correctly

To do this you will need to read the black numbers on your meter and compare this to the meter reading on your water account. If the number is in sequence, the reading is correct. If the number on your meter is less than the number stated on your water account, your meter has been read incorrectly. Contact us and we will make the necessary adjustment.

Carry out a leak check

If you suspect that you may have a leak, we suggest that you inspect your properties internal plumbing and fixtures.

How to check for leaks

Take a look around your property to check for leaks. Make sure:

There is no damp or extra green patches on the lawn

There is no damp patches on walls where pipes are installed

Taps and other appliances such as hot water systems are not dripping

The toilet cistern isn’t leaking. Put some food colouring in the cistern. Don’t flush. Return an hour later and if the colour is in the toilet bowl the cistern is leaking

Your swimming pool isn’t leaking

Tree roots have not invaded pipes

Pipes and joints aren’t rusty or damaged

Using your water meter to check for leaks

Reading your water meter is a great way to check for leaks within the pipe work on your property.  Simply follow these steps:

  >>> Take a  meter reading after the last person has gone to  the toilet or brushed their teeth at night.

   >>> Take a second reading before anyone uses water in the morning

If no one has used any water overnight and the reading has changed, then you know there is a leak. Contact a licensed plumber to repair the leak.


I have found a leak, what now?

If you have found a leak, repairs are the property owner’s responsibility and you should contact a licensed plumber immediately. Any water which passes through the meter (including water lost through leaks) will be charged to the property owner.

Central Tablelands Water’s Policy regarding water leakage

Central Tablelands Water has a policy of not accepting responsibility for claims resulting from the loss of water after the meter and has a further policy of not providing any reduction due to water leakage.

It is vital that your water usage is regularly monitored to prevent any high usage caused by leaks, resulting in higher water usage charges which are payable by the property owner.


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