Joint IWCM Evaluation Study

This study has been performed following the NSW Department of Water and Energy (DWE) - Generic Scope of Works – IWCM Strategy (August 2007). DWE supported the development of this report.

Cabonne Shire Council provides water (to parts of Cabonne), sewerage and stormwater services. Blayney Shire Council provides sewerage and stormwater services. Weddin Shire Council provides sewerage and stormwater services. Central Tablelands provides water services to Blayney, Weddin and parts of Cabonne and Cowra Shires.

For this IWCM Evaluation report, issues relating to planning and service delivery for urban water supply, sewerage, and stormwater were identified.

An issue is a failure of an LWU to meet its service obligation now or up to 30 years in the future. This was done through a detailed review of Council information, water demand projections and community consultation through a project reference group made up of stakeholders and community representatives. From this a number of gaps in the available data were identified which have been documented in a data gathering plan.

IWCM Evaluation Study (Packaged PDF) 16,320kb