Council Profile

Central Tablelands Water County Council is a constituency of three local government areas, namely, Blayney Shire, Cabonne Shire and Weddin Shire. The Council comprises two delegates each elected by their constituent council for a four-year term.

Councillors of Central Tablelands Water

Blayney Shire Council


Cr David Somervaille - Chairman


Cr John Newstead

Cabonne Council


Cr Anthony Durkin


Cr Kevin Walker - Deputy Chairman

Weddin Shire Council

Cr Paul Best 

Cr Craig Bembrick



Council Meetings

Meetings of Council are held on the second Wednesday of alternate months, commencing in February each year.  The meetings alternate between the towns of Grenfell, Blayney and Canowindra.  Meetings are held in Canowindra in June and December, Grenfell in August and February and Blayney in April and October.


Councils Mission & Vision


Central Tablelands Water will develop a commercial focus as it operates in partnership with the communities it serves, fostering their development and growth, while maintaining both its level of service and its prices at an acceptable level.




Central Tablelands Water sees its future as a Regional Water Authority, independent of other agencies.  It sees itself as a responsible member of the communities it serves, aiding the development of the region.  It will continue to develop further sources of water and continue to supply an economical and acceptable water supply to its customers, and it will do so in an ecologically sustainable manner.  Central Tablelands Water will continue to evolve its method of operations to incorporate a sound commercial focus.  It will do so without compromising on the services it provides, becoming more efficient and maintaining process at a reasonable level.