Change your Address

Please print a change of address form, and return to Central Tablelands Water.  All future correspondence will be sent to the address specified on this form once it has been submitted and processed.

Please Note:

Water Accounts, in accordance with the law, are issued in the name of the property owner(s).  If you direct Council to send Water Accounts to a third party (including tenants or managing agents), please be aware that you (the property owner) will always remain legally liable for the payment of these accounts (regardless of any lease agreements or other agreements you may have with this party). 

Council has a legal relationship only with property owners in regards to Water Accounts and therefore in most circumstances will be unable to discuss account details (including the granting of payment extensions) with tenants or lessees.

Property owners are also liable for any penalty charges associated with overdue accounts including interest charges, reminder notice fees or water supply restriction fees. 

If Water Accounts are not paid by due dates the water supply may be restricted for non-payment and a fee (currently $140.00) will be added and payable with any other outstanding account charges before normal water supply will be reinstated.