Business Papers and Minutes

Meetings of Council are held on the second Wednesday of alternate months, commencing in February of each year.  The meetings are alternated between the towns of Grenfell, Blayney and Molong.  Meetings are held in Canowindra in June and December, Grenfell in February and August, and Blayney in April and October. 

For more information on the Council itself, see Council's Profile.

2018 Business Papers and Minutes

Meeting held 13th June 2018 Business Paper (PDF) 13,286kb Minutes (PDF) kb

Meeting held 2nd May 2018

Business Paper (PDF) 1,818kb

Minutes (PDF) 294kb

Meeting held 14th February 2018

Business Paper (PDF) 1,277kb

Minutes (PDF) 360kb


2017 Business Papers and Minutes

Meeting held 8th February 2017

Business Paper (PDF) 2,569kb

Minutes (PDF) 396kb
Meeting held 12th April 2017 Business Paper (PDF) 5,044kb Minutes (PDF) 211kb
Meeting held 8th May 2017 Business Paper (PDF) 883kb Minutes (PDF) 196kb
Meeting held 14th June 2017 Business Paper (PDF) 7,571kb Minutes (PDF) 202kb
Meeting held 9th August 2017 Business Paper (PDF) 5,196kb Minutes (PDF) 300kb
Meeting held 18th October 2017 Business Paper (PDF) 3,845kb Minutes (PDF) 325kb
Meeting held 13th December 2017 Business Paper (PDF) 4,631kb Minutes (PDF) 393kb

2016 Business Papers and Minutes

Meeting held 18th February 2016

Business Paper (PDF) 5,493kb

Minutes (PDF) 207kb
Meeting held 13th April 2016 Business Paper (PDF) 3,274kb Minutes (PDF) 211kb
Meeting held 15th June 2016 Business Paper (PDF) 5,022kb Minutes (PDF) 277kb
Meeting held 10th August 2016 Business Paper (PDF) 6,602kb Minutes (PDF) 341kb
Meeting held 12th October 2016 Business Paper (PDF) 7,993kb Minutes (PDF) 497kb
Meeting held 14th December 2016 Business Paper (PDF) 8,771kb Minutes (PDF) 298kb

2015 Business Papers and Minutes

Meeting held 11th February 2015

Business Paper (PDF) 4,590kb

Minutes (PDF) 204kb

Meeting held 8th April 2015 Business Paper (PDF) 6,514kb Minutes (PDF) 204kb
Meeting held 10th June 2015 Business Paper (PDF) 2,472kb Minutes (PDF) 239kb
Meeting held 19th August 2015 Business Paper (PDF) 9,593kb Minutes (PDF) 217kb
Meeting held 21st October 2015 Business Paper (PDF) 3,515kb Minutes (PDF) 256kb
Meeting held 9th December 2015 Business Paper (PDF) 4,665kb Minutes (PDF) 210kb

2014 Business Papers and Minutes

Meeting held 12th February 2014

Business Paper (PDF) 6,689kb

Minutes (PDF) 254kb

Meeting held 9th April 2014 Business Paper (PDF) 6,620kb Minutes (PDF) 208kb
Meeting held 11th June 2014 Business Paper (PDF) 7,148kb Minutes (PDF) 50kb
Meeting held 13th August 2014 Business Paper (PDF) 11,480kb Minutes (PDF) 199kb
Meeting held 8th October 2014 Business Paper (PDF) 3,222kb Minutes (PDF) 266kb
Meeting held 10th December 2014 Business Paper (PDF) 1,757kb Minutes (PDF) 214kb

For further Business Papers and Minutes, please contact Central Tablelands Water.